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For many human resources consultancies, successfully placing a candidate is where the job ends. For Steinbach & Partner, this is just the beginning of the partnership.

We are an agile boutique that keeps sight of our customers’ needs both today and tomorrow, that seeks and finds all over the world, and makes unexpected recommendations – that always create value.

Our ideal is to create an inspiring community with our customers in order to foster talent, further develop executives and promote responsible entrepreneurship.

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Improving Performance through a Corporate Health Program
In this age of increasing demands, sustainable performance can only be delivered by people who maintain a healthy body, soul, and mind. Organizational health management recognizes that a leader’s awareness of this plays a decisive role in keeping both themselves and their employees healthy and ready to achieve… More

In 2011 the German Government presented a project named Industrie 4.0 that should revolutionize the German economy with its innovative high-tech-strategies and lead to increases in production and efficiency in a variety of sectors. Admittedly, executives have especially to catch up in technical areas and are not yet… More

To better serve our growing Japanese client base, we are happy to announce the opening of our new office in Tokyo. We have worked for many years with both Japanese clients and clients from other countries with offices in Japan, and as the demand for more international talent in Japan increases, having this new… More

Steinbach and Partner moved into a new, larger office, in Bad Homburg, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on the 1st of March. The new office allows us to continue our growth and allows us to intensify and pool our efforts to serve our clients globally. The team in Bad Homburg is looking forward to working in their… More